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OFILM Central R&D Institute

OFILM Central R&D Institute was officially established in April 2020, which aims to implement the concept of innovation oriented and accelerating the transformation and upgrading. After the establishment of the R&D Institute, OFILM can make better use of international advanced technology and cutting-edge scientific research achievements, building an international innovative enterprise.

The predecessor of OFILM Central R&D Institute is the Research Institute established in 2018. Due to business development, R&D direction has been broadened in an all-round way, mainly responsible for the development and application of optical zoom, Oct project 5 times / 10 times and other diversified Periscopic camera projects, new sensor products, new display materials and artificial intelligence vision system.

The Central R&D Institute has set up three branches to further lay out the three business directions of microelectronics technology, thin film materials technology and precision camera technology, and strengthen the frontier technology reserve in various business fields.

In addition, OFILM has also been set up R&D Centers in Shanghai / Taiwan, China; San Jose, USA; Tokyo / Kumamoto, Japan; Suwon, South Korea; Finland; Israel. Paying close attention to market dynamics and obtaining industry-leading information, which lays a solid foundation for OFILM’s long-term development in the future.

Technology Center
Jiangxi Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

In Jan. 2018, Nanchang OFILM Biometric Tech. Co., Ltd. (now renamed as OFILM Microsystem Tech. Co., Ltd.), a wholly-owned subsidiary of OFILM Group, was approved to establish Jiangxi Provincial Enterprise Technology Center.

The center focuses on the research, development and application of microelectronics, including fingerprint recognition, 3D sensing, piezoelectric tactile feedback, etc. Among them, fingerprint recognition has expanded from the initial capacitive fingerprint recognition to optical fingerprint, ultrasonic fingerprint and so on. 3D sensing includes 3D structured light and 3D TOF. It is used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, security, medical and other fields. The center will focus on the latest technology and its application in the industry to create more value for the company and the industry.

Engineering Center
Jiangxi Provincial Precision Coating Engineering Research Center

In April 2012, OFILM’s wholly owned subsidiary---Nanchang OFILM Photoelectric Science and Technology co., Ltd was approved in Jiangxi province and Jiangxi Province Precision Coating Engineering Research Center was established.

The establishment of this center will provide technical support for the construction of coating experiment and test platform, the study of precision coating, the improvement in the technology of coating monitoring, the development of flexible substrate coating process, the realization of commercialization and proceduralization of online membrane materials, the higher requirements of digital imaging, mobile communications, optical communications, laser, flat panel display and other products for precision coating and optical components.

Guangdong Provincial Precision Optical Film Engineering Research Center

In Oct. 2009, OFILM was approved to set up Guangdong Provincial Precision Optical Film Engineering Center to research and produce many precision optical film products. The main direction of the center is the research and development of mass-production technology of precision optics and optoelectronic thin-film materials, realizing the industrialization of new products. It will overcome the key technologies that restrict the development of new projects and new products, and create competitive products with international competitiveness.

Jiangsu Provincial Precision Optical Film Engineering Research Center

Suzhou OFILM Tech. co., Ltd., which is the wholly owned subsidiary of OFILM Group, was approved to set up Jiangsu Provincial Precision Optical Film Engineering Center.

The center is committed to building a R & D base of precision optoelectronic thin film development and technical support with advanced R & D equipment and complete functions, providing with first-class product solutions for the development of market-oriented advanced technology of precision optoelectronic thin film, improving the product R & D capability and process manufacturing level, and at the same time better undertaking the global industrial transfer of optical optoelectronic industry, which will lay a foundation for building a national precision photoelectric film production and research base.

Postdoctoral Station

OFILM is committed to becoming a leader in global technology innovation and intelligent manufacturing. Over the years, OFILM has continuously increased R & D investment, and Insisted on independent innovation. Nowadays, OFILM has set up R & D centers in China, the United States, Japan, Korea and Europe, and has set up OFILM Central R&D Institute, engaging many domestic and foreign high-grade R & D talents in many fields, making technological breakthroughs with concentrating superior resources.

Approved by the postdoctoral committee of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, OFILM’s postdoctoral research station ([2013] No. 61 document issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security) was formally approved and established in August 2013. Research areas include microelectronic technology, sensor technology, optics, radio frequency communication, functional materials of electronic information, semiconductor packaging process and so on.

We have been regarding the innovation of science and technology as the driving force of our development. Upholding the talent philosophy of "discover new talent and recognize existing talent, assign and utilize effectively", we strive to develop a first-class scientific research team.

The recruited postdoctoral candidates will work in OFILM full time, and they will be trained and guided jointly by technical experts of OFILM and the professors of the corresponding mobile station. In order to cooperate with the daily management of postdoctoral candidates, OFILM has formulated systematic and scientific management rules and regulations.

We need continuous development and innovation. OFILM postdoctoral research station is looking forward to more doctors. We will not only provide you with generous research environment and hardware facilities, but also set up a professional team to work with you. Let’s work together and create great undertaking.

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